Meet the Team

Fernando Mejia

Managing Partner

Raised in St. Paul, Minnesota, now residing in Tampa Bay, brings extensive experience and unwavering character to investors and partners. With an impressive track record in launching successful ventures, including tax offices and wireless locations, he has amassed an annual average of $13M in revenue. With his business investments now operating passively, he effectively utilizes the leadership and negotiation skills he developed over 10 years of real estate investment and his 20 years in the development of businesses. Fernando identifies lucrative opportunities in commercial and residential sectors. As a mentor, he guides entrepreneurs to adopt wealth strategies and transition seamlessly into real estate ventures. "Journey Together" defines his commitment to success.

Ossie Rodriguez

Operation Manager and Construction

Ossie Rodriguez is a skilled construction manager, proud father, and successful real estate investor based in Jacksonville, FL. With a degree in architecture from Andrews University, Ossie brings a unique blend of technical expertise and creative vision to his work. His passion for construction and design fuels his commitment to delivering exceptional projects. As a dedicated father, Ossie finds joy in being actively involved in his children's lives, balancing his professional and personal responsibilities with care. With his astute investment strategies and industry knowledge, Ossie has achieved significant success in real estate, solidifying his position as a respected figure in the field.

Furthermore, Ossie is an astute real estate investor, leveraging his expertise in the industry to identify lucrative opportunities. With a keen understanding of market trends and a strategic approach to investment, he has achieved significant success in the real estate sector.

Ossie's educational background includes studying at Andrews University, where he gained valuable insights into various aspects of construction management and architecture. He continues to expand his knowledge and stay abreast of industry advancements to ensure his skills remain sharp and relevant.

Sarah Miller

Director of Operations

Sarah Miller is a highly capable Executive Assistant for Fernando Mejia, originally hailing from Alabama. Alongside her professional achievements, Sarah's personal life is enriched by her loving relationship with her partner.

Known for her meticulous attention to detail, Sarah possesses a remarkable eye for precision in all aspects of her work performed for Shield Wealth Income Management. She excels in managing complex systems, effortlessly coordinating, and ensuring seamless operations. Sarah's proficiency in various software and tools enables her to streamline processes, optimize efficiency, and provide valuable support to Fernando.

Beyond her role as an Executive Assistant, Sarah embraces an entrepreneurial mindset. She continuously seeks opportunities to contribute innovative ideas and drive positive change within her organization. Her ability to think outside the box and identify new possibilities has resulted in transformative initiatives and enhanced productivity.

Danielle Burns

Property Manager and Tenant Solutions

Danielle Burns is an experienced property manager and tenant acquisition specialist with over 15 years of expertise in retail management. Hailing from New York, she has a strong understanding of the dynamic real estate market in the area. Alongside her professional accomplishments, Danielle takes pride in being a devoted mother of two. Her background in retail management has equipped her with exceptional customer service skills and a keen eye for detail. With her extensive knowledge of property management and her dedication to providing outstanding tenant experiences, Danielle consistently delivers exceptional results for Shield Wealth Income Management property owners and tenants alike.

Jose Meza

Marketing Director

Jose Meza, an immigrant from Venezuela, is a dynamic marketing professional who plays a pivotal role in Shield Wealth Income Management's success. With a primary focus on marketing, Jose has displayed versatility by taking on various responsibilities in his previous roles. His dedication to creating engaging content has been instrumental in driving the company's growth. Coming from a diverse background, Jose brings a unique perspective and a deep understanding of different markets. Through his strategic approach and creative mindset, he consistently delivers impactful marketing campaigns that captivate our audiences and yield positive results. 

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